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Click here to view images of a new Weil McLain Ultra Series 3 high efficiency boiler installation with indirect water heater.
The before pictures show the old boilers and piping that were not adequately supplying radiant floor heat or domestic hot water for the home.
New system by Perri-Aire providing approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of radiant floor heating and 400+ gallons per hour of domestic hot water.
Chicago Weil McLain Ultra
                        Boiler Installation

A recent installation of a Weil McLain Ultra boiler and indirect water heater that replaced a Laars copper fin tube boiler
and conventional inefficient water heater.
January, 2018


Another Perri-Aire installation of the Weil McLain Ultra boiler with indirect fired water heater. Limited wall space required innovative piping configuration above the boiler leaving room for future access to pumps and valves. In this application, the Ultra provides heat for the first floor cast iron baseboard, a new second floor addition with radiant floor heating, and the family's domestic hot water needs. We previously installed a Unico mini duct central air conditioning system for the existing first floor, and added a separate A/C system for the new addition.

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Chicago Ultra Boiler repair

Click here for pictures of the radiant floor installation and injection panel.