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This is a 1940's - 50's vintage, FACTORY MINT condition, Delco Day-Night Thermostat Control. It is
cream colored plastic and Art Deco in style. Date of manufacture is unknown, but estimated at around mid 20th century.
It is one of the first mechanically programmable thermostats made and is a heating only (no a/c) 2-wire
thermostat (very few homes had central air then). The thermostat has hardly been touched or taken out
of it's box. Also shown below is the original transformer and hardware, original instructions, packaging, etc.

The thermostat is still mounted on the cardboard backing/packaging. Except for the box, this item looks like
it's been in a vacuum sealed time capsule since it left the factory. I could find no information from General Motors
or A/C Delco, of course they got out of the thermostat business decades ago.
If you have any information on this item please forward to us.